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Code 19 cases reach 150 million globally: India records 385,000 cases a day

Code 19 cases reach 150 million globally: India records 385,000 cases a day

New Delhi: India broke another world record for daily coronavirus infections, pushing the world’s cases to nearly 150 million, as the first US emergency aid is a major international response to the epidemic. Arrived as part of the effort.

The United States had the good news at home, and the vaccination campaign is proud of this important milestone of 100 million people who are now vaccinated. “These are the 100 million Americans who have a sense of relief and peace,” said Jeff Zentz, the White House’s epidemic coordinator. 237 million doses have been distributed in the country, and 55% of adults have now received at least one dose.

But the epidemic has killed about 3.2 million people worldwide and continues to wreak havoc. The number of cases has doubled daily since mid-February, according to AFP, revealing that the explosion in the infection was caused by a new Covid 19 variant, as well as a failure to comply with virus restrictions. Has also been accused.

The largest countries are the United States, India and Brazil. The majority of the subcontinent’s daily population is Asia, largely driven by a devastating wave in India that now accounts for more than 40 percent of the world’s new cases and has overwhelmed hospitals and cemeteries.

A further 385,000 incidents were recorded in India in the last 24 hours – a new world record – and nearly 3,500 deaths, according to official figures, with many doubting the exact number, according to official figures. do not have.

More than 40 countries have pledged to send medical aid to India, a US Super Galaxy military transporter carrying more than 400 oxygen cylinders, other hospital supplies and about 1 million rapid corona virus tests arrived in New Delhi on Friday.