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Cher honors late ‘Moonstruck’ co-star Olympia Dukakis in heartfelt statements

Cher honors late ‘Moonstruck’ co-star Olympia Dukakis in heartfelt statements

The chair took to Twitter to remember her late co-star Olympia Ducas, who died on Saturday at the age of 89.

Dokaz was also known for his performance in “Steel Magnolias” and his Oscar-winning turn for Norman Joycen’s 1987 film “Monster Truck”. He snatched the Oscars for photographing a pair of Italian-American mothers and daughters.

“The Olympia Dockies were amazing, the Academy Award-winning actress,” the 74-year-old Chair said on Twitter on Saturday, shortly after the news of Deccan’s death was shared.

“Olympia played my mother in Monster, and yet she was part of a victimized wife. We all (laughs) talked all the time. She told me how much she loved Louis. , Her ‘beautiful craftsman, husband’. “

He added: “I talked to him 3 weeks ago. From Rap Dear One.”

In a subsequent tweet, Chir added, “It’s written, but it didn’t break.” Herd Olympia was sick, so her daughter was called and asked if I could talk to her twice. Said she might not be able to hear or speak. ‘I met the recipients on the 2nd.’ Olympia is the chair, I (love you). ‘Remember’ Monster, ‘he said.’ Oh cherry, I love (you). ‘ She was weak but happy. RIP O. “

In another tweet, the “Believe” singer recreated a key scene from the film, adding, “You never think about friends, leave loved ones, but thank God we can see them. ۔ “

Dokakis widely hailed the “monster” as a breakthrough.

“Most people don’t know because they know me from most of the movies. I’ve been working in this theater permanently but once my baby was born I didn’t want to travel,” he said tonight on George Sturmbloplus. Said during the interview. .

15th Annual People’s Choice Award (Barry King / Wire Age)

Docis explained that after her youngest child went to college, she got the role, which began her career at 57 years old. “Monsterk was the first. Someone said, ‘Look, he’s been waiting all these years. Let’s give him something good,'” he shared.

“I mean, it was incredible and then it changed my whole life. My daughter was going to college on credit cards when I saw this movie, you know, and after that I taught my kids without any hassle. I was able to go to college. “

When asked what that meant, he replied, “It felt like I was going to be a good parent.”

“You know what you feel when you can’t do it, you feel like you’ve failed. But the fact is that even though we both chose this life, it It turned out that we were able to do that, and that made me realize what I had provided. “