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British citizens should not be used by Iran as a ‘political advantage’

British citizens should not be used by Iran as a ‘political advantage’

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LONDON: British dual nationals such as Nazneen Zaghari-Ritcliff should not be used by Iranian authorities as a “political advantage”, a government minister has said.

Foreign Office Secretary James Chalaki said the ongoing legal dispute between Britain and Iran should be kept separate from the “arbitrary detention” of detainees in Tehran. Iran’s state television quoted an unnamed official as saying that Britain would pay million 400 million to secure the release of Ms Zaghari-Ritcliff.

But British officials have since dismissed the notion that the debt repayment would mean the immediate release of Zaghari-Ritcliff, and Mr Chalaki said recent reports about Iran were “incorrect”.

“We have always said that British dual citizens should not be used for political gain,” Mr Chalaki told Sky News. “We have also seen many instances where the Iranian government has used false information. We have been receiving false reports for the past few days,” he said.

“On the one hand, they are saying that this action is justified, we do not agree with it at all, but still

They also say they are involved in this legal dispute – it can’t be both. “We are making it very, very clear. The release of these people is in the hands of the Tehran government and they should be released.