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Billie Lourd Honors Late Mom Carrie Fisher by Dressing Baby Boy Kingston as Princess Leia

Billie Lourd Honors Late Mom Carrie Fisher by Dressing Baby Boy Kingston as Princess Leia

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Kurt Krieger / Corbes via Getty Images Cat Lord

Billy Lord’s baby boy is already a fan of his movie star grandmother.

To celebrate annually Star Wars On May 4, the 28-year-old actress honored her late mother, Carrie Fisher, by dressing her son, Kingston Fisher, in the sign-up franchise, Princess Leah. The Lord’s son wears a gray hat with the iconic double-bone hairdo of Leah’s style, as well as a white color with Leah’s artwork.

“✝️♓️📧 ✝️♓️📧 4️⃣✝️♓️💕,” he said in an Instagram post, which also showed Kingston looking at a laptop screen during a Fisher. Star Wars Fisher died in December 2016 at the age of 60.

Lord, who recently appeared Star Wars As Cadell Conix, Trinity surprised fans when she announced that she and her fianc Austin Rydell welcomed their first child by sharing a photo of the newborn’s feet on Instagram in September.

Demonstrating extraordinary insight into his pregnancy experience, Lord joined his step-wife Bruce Bosey on Sirius XM. Imprisonment with Bruce In January. “He is not technically a quarantine child, and I want to tell him because a lot of people have traditional quarantine children,” he said at the time. “Kingston was conceived before the quarantine. She is technically just a Caribbean baby.”

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Cat Lord / Instagram

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Lord said the pregnancy was not planned but it “turned out to be a blessing in the guise of a quarantine baby – but it’s not a quarantine baby – because I have to keep it.”

“Only my family knew and no one else knew, as everyone was amazed when we published that little picture of his legs,” he added. It just shared with the people I loved the most, which was so incredible and made my pregnancy so magical and amazing, which I never expected to happen. “

Andy Karpa / Getty Billy Leward and Carrie Fisher in 2011

“But it turned out to be the biggest experience,” Lord added. “I just had to eat great food, hang out with people I love, Lagos all the time, I took a hypnotic class. I just wanted to get pregnant.”

“I wanted to be a mom from the age of 2, I always had a plan,” she says. “Like, when I was literally 3 years old, I would tell you, ‘I want to be like four kids. I want a 28-year-old,’ which is so weird ‘because Kingston’s age It was 28 years old and it ended, but it’s even better than I could have ever expected. “

He also said that Rydell was a good support system throughout the pregnancy. Lord called him “the best father in the world.”

“He was very caring and incredible and cooked for me and massaged my feet,” he said, adding that he “did this class with me, just like he did in the breastfeeding class.” He also did a positive burning class. So he was with me. Every step of the way. And we just became closer friends, even better partners.