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Billboard Awards: 16 nods for Weeknd, 6 for Morgan Wallen

Billboard Awards: 16 nods for Weeknd, 6 for Morgan Wallen

NEW YORK (AP) – The Weekend was hosted by the Grammys, but they are prominent nominees for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, where rappers Pop Smoke and Jose W. R. L. D. received numerous subsequent nominations, including top artist. Yes, and notorious singer Morgan Wallen is one of the six nominees.

Weekend, Joss W. RLD and Pop Smoke – the third most nominated act – are set for top artists alongside Taylor Swift and Drake, the most decorated winner of all time. The Billboard Awards will air live on May 23.

Weekend received 16 nominations, including Top Male Artist, Top R&B Artist, Balt Billboard 200 album “Hours of Hours” and Top Hot 100 song “Blinding Lights”, which was number one last year. D-Baby – Jack Harlow’s “WhatsApp Popin” ranks second with 11 bids thanks to the presence of his hat “Rock Star” and his guest, and he competes in categories such as Top Rap Song, Top Streaming Song and Top Collaboration. Will do

Pop Smoke, which follows with 10 nominations, died last February at the age of 20 when its songs and mestopus began to hit the pop and rap charts. Their official debut album, “Shoot for Stars, M for the Moon”, was released last July and sold platinum, along with chart and streaming services, “For the Night,” “What Do You Know About Love?” The performers also dominate with the songs. “Dior,” which earned him a Grammy nomination this year. His Billboard nominations include Top New Artist, Top Male Artist, Top Rap Artist and Top Billboard 200 albums.

Jose WRLD died on December 21 at the age of 21. His next album, “Legends Never Die”, was released a week after Pope Smoke’s album and set a number of records on the Billboard charts, all of which came 23 years after Topic and the infamous. Had become a bigger ceremony. BIG later released the album in 1997.

His seven billboard nominations include Top Male Artist, Top Rap Artist and Top Billboard 200 albums.

Contestants for the second album Saturday, Pop Smoke and Juice WRL include Lil Babe’s “My Turn” and Swift’s “Folk Tales”, which won the Star its third Grammy album last month.

Morgan Wallen was not allowed to compete at this month’s Academy of Country Music Awards because the singer was caught on camera using racial slurs earlier this year, but he was one of the top nominees for the Billboard Awards. Are one His six nominations include Top Gun Sales Artist, Top Country Artist and Top Country Album for “Dangerous: Double Album”, which is currently number three on the pop charts and continues to sell well despite Wallen’s crisis moment. Is. He is also a double nominee for high country songs, competing in the hit films “Chase ‘You” and “More Than My Hometown”.

Wallen is a contender because Billboard nominees are based on albums and digital sales, streaming, radio airplay and social engagement and are not “selected by a voting committee or membership organization.”

The producers said that although Wallen has several nominees, they will not allow him to participate in the show.

Based on the charting, Morgan Wallen is the finalist this year. Because its current behavior is not in line with our core values, we will not participate in this show in any capacity (performance, presentation, acceptance). “It’s gratifying and encouraging to hear that Morgan is stepping up its journey against racism and embarking on some meaningful work. We intend to review his progress and consider his participation in future shows.

Although Wallen is not a popular music nominee – the breakthrough is with singer Gabby Barrett, the most nominated female bidder. He dominated both country and pop charts with the Charlie Poot-assisted hit “I Hope” and won the award for Top New Artist, Top Hot 100 Song, Top Radio Song, Top Country Album and Top Ready for awards like cooperation. She is the only woman nominated for Top Country Artist and Top Country Singer.

The Billboard Awards are based on the chart period from March 21, 2020 to April 3, 2021. Votes have been cast in two of the 51 categories, including high-profile collaborations and high-profile social artists, dominated by Asian operations. Nominees include K-pop groups BTS, Black Punk and Seventeen. Philippine Boy Band SB19 And Ariana Grande.

Others who received multiple nominations include Bud Bunny, Chris Brown, Megan Thi Stalin, Doja Kate and Justin Bieber.