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Belgian police fired tear gas at anti-lockdown protesters

Belgian police fired tear gas at anti-lockdown protesters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Belgian police fired water cannons and tear gas as they entered a park on Saturday to clear a crowd of hundreds protesting against anti-virus lockdown laws.

Deviant, primarily a young mob holding online, gathered for the so-called “Boom 2” protest, which broke up last month.

Prime Minister Alexander de Crow urged the crowd to stay away, and hundreds of officers were deployed before ordering the park to be cleared.

AFP correspondents set off fireworks and threw some missiles before police entered the city’s largest park, Bois de la Cambre.

“We see that health measures are not being respected,” police announced on Twitter, asking for masks and distance after drones equipped with loudspeakers.

The tweet read, “Brussels police will move forward to clear the area.” AFP correspondents in the park did not hear the order to disperse.

When the clearance operation began, there was little sign of immediate violent resistance from the protesters, but a disturbance was set on fire after the crowd retreated.

“They’re here to protect our freedom. Masks? I don’t wear them anymore. I want to be free,” said an 18-year-old high school student from West Flanders outside the city.

As police cars and armored trucks rolled into the grass near the heart of the gathering, cheers chanted: “Freedom, freedom.”

A helicopter and a drone surrounded the heads, but the music of the protesters ended the police demand for masked and social distance.

Belgium is on the verge of its second national lockdown as measures against a corona virus and bars and restaurants have been closed since late October.

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