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BAFTA Suspends Actor Noel Clarke From Membership, Recent Award Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

BAFTA Suspends Actor Noel Clarke From Membership, Recent Award Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Following numerous allegations of sexual harassment and intimidation in the Guardian’s investigation, published Thursday, BAFTA has suspended actor Noel Clark’s membership, along with his recent Outstanding British contribution to the Cinema Awards.

In a joint statement with Different types On Thursday evening, BAFTA stated: “In light of the allegations of serious misconduct against Noel Clarke in The Guardian this evening, BAFTA has decided to suspend his membership in the Cinema Awards and outstanding British coverage immediately and immediately. Taken up. “

From different types

The Guardian has spoken to 20 women who have worked with Clark in a professional environment, all of whom have made numerous allegations against the “bulletproof” actor. These include: sexual harassment, unwanted touching or gesturing, sexual misconduct and comments on the set, professional insults, taking and sharing sexually explicit images and videos without consent and 2004 and 2019 Bullying between

Clark, through his lawyers, has denied all the allegations made by the 20 women, except one. He once confessed to making inappropriate remarks about a woman and later apologized.

He said in a statement to the Guardian: “In my 20-year career, I have been at the forefront of my work and have never complained to me. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and strongly deny any sexual immorality or wrongdoing and intend to defend myself against these false accusations.

The British actor – whose latest show, the ITV drama “View Point”, debuted earlier this week – appeared at the BAFTA Film Awards earlier this month to collect the award.

“It’s for the delegates,” he said. Anyone who sits at home sitting at home is sitting at home believing that he can get more. “It’s about my black boys and girls out there who never believed it could happen to them.”

The Guardian revealed in its report that BAFTA, which had named Clark as the recipient of the award in late March, was aware of the allegation that about two weeks before accepting the award during Clark’s show, The allegations were known. The organization “does not dispute receiving anonymous emails and reports of allegations from intermediaries, but has said it has not been provided with any evidence to allow its investigation.”

According to the Guardian, the women came forward accusing him of abuse after his father’s victory.

Different types Clark’s representatives and attorneys have been contacted for comment.

One of the UK’s top actors and directors, Clarke wrote and starred in the feature films Hood Trilogy, “Kidolthwood” (2006), “Adult” (2008) and “Brotherhood” (2016), and directed the latter two. Of Films focusing on the lives of troubled teenagers have turned to adults living in West London. He received the BAFATA Rising Star Award in 2009.

In 2007, Clark co-founded his own production company, Unstoppable Entertainment, later joining fellow actor / producer Jason Maza. Since then, the company has produced more than 10 feature films, including the first film, The Fight, directed by Jessica Haynes.

“Flybag” producer All3 Media supports Clark’s stoppage entertainment in 2018.

More to come.

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