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Army men distribute face masks

Army men distribute face masks

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RAWALPINDI: Army personnel distributed face masks to spread awareness among the people to strictly follow the standard operating procedure (SOPs) against corona virus. At Adiala Road, GT Road near Morgha, Airport Road Gulzar Quaid, Allahabad and several other places, they provided free face masks to motorcyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians on Monday. Citizens also praised the polite behavior of army officials in distributing face masks to the public and teaching them to follow SOPs to prevent the third wave of corona virus. When, patrolling on vehicles in different areas, they were announcing to follow SOPs and wear face masks to avoid corona virus. The soldiers also visited Ramadan cheap bazaars and open bazaars in the city and provided them with masks and asked people to follow SOPs. Follow the ‘SOPs’ installed in different areas by the Pakistan Army on various sign boards with ‘War Face Mask’ written on them.