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Apple, Epic in heated US court clash over app market

Apple, Epic in heated US court clash over app market

SAN FRANCISCO: Fortnite maker Apex Games and Apple clashed Monday during the opening of a blockbuster trial on the iPhone maker’s App Store, with potentially major implications for the mobile tech world, allegedly monopolistic. Trading Barriers And What’s Better Consumers

APEC attorney Katherine Forrest has filed a lawsuit alleging that Apple has turned its online marketplace into a monopoly “walled garden” that lures developers and consumers and then squeezes money out of them. Gives.

The lawyer said in his opening remarks in California federal court that Apple has claimed that technology through applications gives Titan a maximum profit of 78%.

“Evidence will vaguely show that Apple has a monopoly,” he claimed.

Apple’s lawyer, Karen Dunn, returned fire, telling the judge that APEC’s lawsuit was part of a “self-imposed war on mobile platform fees” that violated the law and the facts.

Apple is no longer a monopoly, it is a grocery market that sells a wide range of goods, competing with other stores, Dunn pointed out, adding that consoles made by Apple rivals People can play epic games on platforms, including personal computers and smartphones.

“Apple did not create a secure and integrated ecosystem to keep people away, it did so to invite developers – without compromising privacy, reliability and quality users,” Dunn said.

If the epic prevails, Dunn said, “the result for consumers and developers will be: less security, less privacy, less credibility, less quality. Less choices. Are gone. “

– Access to iPhone base.

The creators of the popular “War King” game Fortunite want to break the iPhone maker’s grip on their app store in the latest attack on the epic Apple’s strongest empire.

First witness Tim Sweeney, chief executive of AP, said Apple’s actions forced his company to accept unfair terms or lose a large number of iPhone users.

“Because Fortnight is beyond gaming … it’s important to add more than a billion iPhone users,” Sweeney testified.

Asked why he was still waiting to be sued, he said, “It takes me a long time to understand all the negative effects of Apple’s policies.”

The case is being heard by District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, who is under pressure from a wide range of Apple makers to control the Apple Store, which critics say represents a monopolistic attitude.

The two companies are debating whether Apple has the right to set ground rules, control the payment system and remove apps from its market that fail to comply. Up to 30% of the revenue from Apple’s iPhone apps is at stake.

Business model at risk.

A key element of Apple’s business model is at stake, said Tejas Narechinia, a law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

“It will tell us a lot about how we shape industries and how the technology industry is moving forward,” he said.

“How strongly can companies like Apple and Amazon and Google integrate their products vertically?”

Dan Eves, an analyst at Wadebush Securities, called the case a “Game of Thrones court battle,” in which both Apex and Apple and Google appear to be trying to bypass the app platform, while others in “Groundwell” Trying to get support from developers / app makers. Against Apple

But Avis said Apple has a strong defense.

Avis said in a research note, “Apple has repeatedly successfully defended the discovery of its App Store, at this point in our opinion there is no difference.

Epic, which is trying to get back into the App Store without using Apple’s payment scheme, has not been criticized.

The European Union (EU) on Friday formally accused Apple of unfairly squeezing music streaming rivals based on complaints from Spotify and others based in Sweden, who claim that California Group sets rules for Apple Music.

The recently formed Alliance for App Fairness, which includes both Spotify and Epic, has called on Apple to open up its market, claiming that its commission is a “tax” on competitors.

Apex last year withdrew Forknet from its online mobile market, after which Apex released an update that stopped revenue sharing with the iPhone maker.

Apple does not allow users of its popular devices to download apps from anywhere, but its app store, and developers have to use Apple’s payment system, which cuts it.

Due to the legal queue, Fortunite fans do not have access to the latest game updates using iPhones or other Apple devices.