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Ananya Panday is looking to make the best of the ‘changing world of cinema’

Ananya Panday is looking to make the best of the ‘changing world of cinema’
“The cinema is so ready. “Digital platforms have come a long way,” said Anjia Pandey

B-Town diva Ananya Pandey is praising the bright side of COVID-19 epidemics while keeping theaters closed.

According to Year 2 student Actors, the digital boom that has brought movies to the OTT platform is a blessing not only for storytellers but also for actors.

In conversation with Hindustan Times“Cinema is so ready,” Pandey revealed. Digital platforms have emerged in such a big way, and people have a lot of new stories to tell. It’s a great time to come to the cinema.

He also spoke about his two projects in the pipeline.Liver And Shakun Batra’s untitled project where she will work with Deepika Padukone and Sadhant Chatterjee.

“Both of these projects are challenging me because they are different roles than the ones I’ve played before, and with each other. Shakoon’s film is in a genre that has yet to be explored in Bollywood. And my I think people will be really interested and there will be a lot of dynamism between the four of us. ”

is about LiverThe actor said: “This is a spice, popcorn entertainment film that I love to watch. It has a lot of expectations that I have set for myself.