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Amber Liu drops new music videos for ‘Vegas, Blue’ tracks

Amber Liu drops new music videos for ‘Vegas, Blue’ tracks
Amber Liu has released new music videos for the ‘Vegas, Blue’ tracks

Songwriter, singer and former South Korean artist Amber Liu has recently sparked a frenzy over her new releases Vegas and Blue.

While Vegas A gentle heart about the leap of faith for the love of your life Blue Amber has a rare Chinese release that caters to its multilingual focus.

Vegas Features a retro phishing web with the beauty of home video. The video follows Amber and her covert analysis of the dates and shows the strength of their bond.

Blue On the other hand, there is a Chinese track in collaboration with Haier Brothers’ Mesavi. The song depicts the aftermath of an emotional rift where Amber is surrounded by broken crockery, a TV and bloodstains.

For those with a previous welcome from Amber, she is a former member of the South Korean girls’ group F (X) but since then she has been attracted to the American scene under a separate company.

She promotes fluency in a number of languages, including Chinese, English and Korean, and has demonstrated her proficiency in all of them several times in the past.