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Aditya Chopra vows to give vaccines to film industry workers

Aditya Chopra vows to give vaccines to film industry workers

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Aditya Chopra has offered to vaccinate all the workers in the film industry

Indian film mogul Aditya Chopra, who heads YRF Productions, has set out to vaccinate the entire Hindi film fraternity against the corona virus.

Twenty-one filmmakers have offered to help in this time of need as coyote continues to wreak havoc in India.

In this way, Chopra would inoculate all the workers and he even urged Maharashtra Chief Minister Adhav Thackeray to allow the company to buy 60,000 Kovid 19 vaccines.

He further added that he would bear all the expenses related to immunization of these workers.

In an official letter, the YRF chief said, “The film industry, with the passage of extraordinary time, is in dire need of a resumption as soon as possible so that thousands of workers can earn a living again and protect their families.”

“Through the Yash Chopra Foundation, Yash Raj Films would like to extend its support in this regard. We have sent a request to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra and allowed us to purchase COVID-19 vaccine for 30,000 registered workers. Jay, who will soon be a member of the Film Industry Federation in Mumbai.

The note read, “The Yash Chopra Foundation will bear all other costs related to vaccinating workers against polio, such as raising awareness, transporting workers and setting up all required infrastructure for the immunization program.” We hope our application is approved, which will enable our members to stay safe and return to work as soon as possible. “