≡ How Does Chris Sullivan from This Is Us Transform Into Toby? Insights From the Actor Himself ➤ Brain Berries

≡ How Does Chris Sullivan from This Is Us Transform Into Toby? Insights From the Actor Himself ➤ Brain Berries


This is us It is one of the most critically acclaimed drama series on TV today, having been nominated for dozens of awards over the years, some of which have been post-winning, including the Golden Globes and the Primetime Emmy Awards. Included. This is due to the excellent performances of Sterling Brown, Chris Metz and Chris Sullivan. An important plot point during the premiere episode of Season 4 (Spoiler alert!) The health of Jack, Toby (Sullivan) and Kate (Metz) ‘s son who was born prematurely. Although Kate is doing very well in diagnosing Jack on the surface, Toby admits in her mother-in-law Rebecca (Mandy Moore) that Kate is being abused. Meanwhile, Toby says he has lost weight as a result of stress. However, at the end of the episode, it was revealed that her weight loss was really due to her work. He takes off his shirt, showing a trimming body. The show’s fans took notice, complementing Sullivan’s tweets about the change. But then, the amazing truth came out.

Sullivan looked thin, but not because of his weight

Although the Toby character may have lost weight, the actor did not need it. So what gives? Smart camera angles? The magic of CGI? Nope done. Just a convincing fat suit. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Sullivan aint for me either. Fans of the show were shocked to learn the truth.

Let’s compete with the chair mates. In late 2016, in an interview with TV Line, the actress suggested that she was “bound by a contract” to lose weight if she was forced to do so. She later told Alan DeGeneres that this was not a mandate Per SEBut in reality it was, because losing weight would play a role in the show’s stories. In other words, unlike Sullivan, who can lose weight just by losing a fat suit, Metz will have to do it harder.

The use of synthetic drugs has caused controversy

Following the revelation that Sullivan uses synthetic products to gain weight, fans took to Twitter to express their anger. Some discussed how frustrated they were, while others felt their confidence had been betrayed. While it’s hard to imagine anyone playing Sullivan Toby at the moment, some viewers questioned why there can’t be a real white, overweight man on the show for the role. However, there is no shortage of people who fit this description. Someone noticed that it would be nice if men of most sizes were actually represented in TV roles.

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Is a fat suit all that necessary?

When the whole “excuse to be fat” controversy came up See what happens to Andy Cohen In October 2017, Sullivan initially satirized the show’s response to fans. He believed that since people were not complaining about the quality of such good shows, they would find something else to be found about them. “We live in a culture where being angry at something helps to dispel anger,” he added.

He would later react during the interview Huff post. He thinks people are frustrated when they think they have been deceived. On the other hand, he defended the use of artificial physics, pointing to Toby’s branch, saying that he had been divorced before and had responded by gaining significant weight. That way, if the show needed to include a flashback scene at a time when it was thin, it could easily be done.

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Sullivan has had weight problems in the past

When Metz arrived See what happens to Andy CohenDuring the casting call for Toby’s role, he said, he experimented with actors who were legitimately overweight. However, Sullivan won the role as a result of his abilities. He was “the best man for the job.” He added that Sullivan was overweight at one point in his life, and that he could actually be involved in the condition. It is also noticeable that actors regularly wear artificial clothing in their roles, whether they change their nose or chin. It’s just that in Sullivan’s case, he looks heavy.

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Sullivan is related to Toby in other ways as well

One reason for this This is us It’s a successful drama because creator Dan Fogelman makes sure the characters are not one-sided. While Toby and his weight are a major plot point, the third season reveals that even the happiest characters in general face depression. The fact that there are so many aspects of Toby is what makes Sullivan so happy about the role. He has personally experienced anxiety and depression, and it is not uncommon for him to slip into this role.

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Works chemistry between Sullivan and Metz

A movie or a TV show can only be successful if the actors support it. Unfortunately, there are many situations where not being able to get through filming without a collision ruined production. However, there is a strong working relationship between Sullivan and Metz, which allows deep, emotional scenes to unfold in reality with realism. It goes without saying that if they put other actors in their roles, they would not have trust in each other.

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This is American – “Changes” Episode 503 – Pictured in this screen grab: (LR) Chris Sullivan as Toby, Annie Funk as Eli, Chris Metz as Kate. (Photo by: NBC)

The whole cast feels like a family

Although Sullivan has to work hard to get into his role as Toby, the sense of comedy throughout the cast makes it so much easier. Just as Pearson’s legendary family is closer, so the actors who play these family members feel closer to each other. “It’s a pleasure to show the work,” Sullivan said. The only downside is that guest actors may feel like they are not being welcomed. Because of this, Sullivan and the cast went out of their way to give themselves a sense of relief and mood.

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